Terms and Conditions


By using AmericanAutoTransport, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions contained in the Terms. If you do not agree to the terms of these Terms at any time, you will cease using AmericanAutoTransport.


AmericanAutoTransport reserves the right to update or revise the Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion and without prior notice. It is your responsibility to check the T&C periodically for changes. You may review the most current version of the Terms at any time at |www.american-autotransport.com|. If you continue to use AmericanAutoTransport after any changes to the Terms are posted, you agree to be bound by those changes.


The material that appears on AmericanAutoTransport is for informational purposes only. Despite our efforts to provide useful and accurate information, errors of information may occur from time to time. Before purchasing vehicles and/or related services that you read about on AmericanAutoTransport, you should confirm any information (including price) that is important to your purchasing decision. 


AmericanAutoTransport reserves the right to deny use of this website to anyone who fails to comply with these requirements or otherwise uses this website in a manner that AmericanAutoTransport operators deem inappropriate.



AmericanAutoTransport is an online car sales website that connects car dealers, manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, leasing companies, exporters and shippers, and various other automotive service and automotive industry professionals. All vehicles purchased through our website are for export outside of North America only. As a verified AmericanAutoTransport member, we can help you:

- Obtaining privileges to access a list of clean and salvage vehicles;

- arranging land and sea transportation of your vehicle;

- handling all documentation related to your purchase;

- Retention of all titles on your purchased vehicle(s);

- preparation of all port documentation, clearance, procedures, including expediting your vehicle and customs clearance to leave port;

- facilitation of additional shipping insurance;

- Financing of selected purchases in selected destinations

You understand that AmericanAutoTransport controls the price and any other terms of any sale offered through its website.

You also understand and agree that AmericanAutoTransport, as an intermediary in this process, controls the truthfulness, accuracy, quality, legality or security of communications made by users, sellers, dealers, brokers and other automotive industry professionals. You understand and agree that AmericanAutoTransport can and does verify the identity, background, qualifications or abilities of users, sellers, dealers, brokers, etc., and guarantees the condition and/or quality of the vehicles or service at the time of sale.

You understand and acknowledge that all vehicles purchased through AmericanAutoTransport (www.american-autotransport.com) are for export ONLY and may not be used, resold or reassigned in the USA. Violation will result in penalties.



Buyers exporting purchased vehicles outside of North America may purchase any vehicle displayed on this site. In consideration of your use of the Service, you agree to:

(a) Provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself in accordance with the registration form on this website;

(b) Provide authentication/verification of identity by providing a copy of government-issued documentation, such as a valid passport; and

(c) maintain and promptly update your registration information so that it is always true, accurate, current and complete.

If you provide any information that is false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, or AmericanAutoTransport has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, AmericanAutoTransport has the right to suspend or terminate your cooperation and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service (or any part thereof).

Members agree and acknowledge that an existing member may not change personal information on their own after it has been verified by an AmericanAutoTransport website administrator. Existing member must make a formal request by emailing the administration (hidden)

Membership in AmericanAutoTransport is only open to individuals 18 years of age or older. However, AmericanAutoTransport reserves the right to deny membership privileges to any person in its sole and absolute discretion.



Members agree to contact, transmit personal information, receive information about products and services, and pay bills provided exclusively by AmericanAutoTransport contacts. A list of the company's licensed contacts is listed on our website at | https://www.american-autotransport.com/contact |, any other list or contacts are deemed invalid. 

AmericanAutoTransport is not responsible for any loss and/or damage of Participants who have had contact with unlicensed AmericanAutoTransport contacts.

AmericanAutoTransport has the right to change the contact person at any time by notifying verified Participants. 

You will receive a customer account designation along with the corresponding user ID when you complete your purchase. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user ID and password in feeds and messengers, and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your account in feeds and messengers.

You agree to notify AmericanAutoTransport immediately of any unauthorized use of your channel and messenger account or any other breach of security. AmericanAutoTransport cannot and will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to comply with this Section.



You agree that payment for vehicles must be made within 3 working days after the purchase of the vehicle, i.e. removal of the vehicle by mutual agreement of the Parties - prepayment (25% of the selected vehicle), residual payment (75% of the selected vehicle), delivery costs to the port of destination. Vehicles not paid within the above terms will be subject to a late payment penalty of 0.2% per vehicle per day; 

AmericanAutoTransport reserves the right to waive any late payment penalties or fines at its discretion. Payments made to prepay for a vehicle may be paid by credit card. The outstanding balance for vehicles must be paid by wire transfer if the outstanding balance exceeds $2,500. 

AmericanAutoTransport absolutely does not accept any letters of credit or checks, certified or otherwise.

AmericanAutoTransport accepts payments without regard to the commission of the Buyer's chosen payment service. Payments made without regard to the commission of the payment service chosen by the Buyer shall be deemed not completed.  



Members acknowledge and agree that the Buyer is responsible for all vehicles purchased through AmericanAutoTransport. Buyer agrees and acknowledges that any vehicles purchased MUST be exported from the United States and cannot and will not be resold in the United States. 

All transactions are in the currencies of the services offered, or in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, USDT).



If Buyer gives written consent to purchase a vehicle, that Buyer must complete the transaction. Once consent has been submitted, it cannot be withdrawn, deleted, or cancelled. AmericanAutoTransport is in no way responsible for the loss, misplacement or theft of Buyer's registration information, including access to communication channels or messengers. AmericanAutoTransport still reserves the right to reject or cancel applications for any reason in its sole and absolute discretion. In the event of a dispute regarding an application, AmericanAutoTransport is the exclusive decision-making authority with the sole and absolute discretion to resolve disputes. AmericanAutoTransport may, in its sole and absolute discretion, with or without notice, postpone or cancel the sale or withdraw the vehicle from sale. AmericanAutoTransport shall have no liability or responsibility to Buyers as a result of a vehicle recall, cancellation or resale.

7.2 Any statement that any vehicle has a particular part, including but not limited to the phrase "Keys: YES", means that the particular part was noted upon arrival at the dealer's site, but is not a statement or guarantee that such part will be present at any time thereafter. AmericanAutoTransport is NOT responsible for missing parts that have not been factory-fitted.

7.3 Any indication that the vehicle is in RUN & DRIVE condition means that the vehicle has started (with or without a jump), had a gear engaged and has sprinted forward on its own when it arrived at the site. An assurance or guarantee that it will do so at any time thereafter or that the vehicle is serviceable.

AmericanAutoTransport shall not be liable for damages brought to the attention of AmericanAutoTransport management after the vehicle has been removed (picked up) from the site. The Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the vehicle in its present condition after purchase, when the Buyer may pick up the vehicle.



A late payment penalty of 0.2% per day will be applied to all unpaid vehicles. If AmericanAutoTransport does not receive payment or proof of payment within 5 days of purchase, AmericanAutoTransport will consider your purchase cancelled. In this case, your vehicle will be resold and a minimum fee of $600 or 10% of the bid amount will be charged, and/or your vehicle will be put up for sale and all charges that would apply to the resale of the vehicle will be waived. Your escrow account will be invoiced. 



All bank transfers will be refunded upon your request no later than 2 business days from the date of prepayment. Please note that we will deduct a bank transfer fee of no more than $50 for each return if made by bank transfer.

All credit card transactions will be refunded within 5 business days upon customer request. Please note that we will deduct $0.4 (40 cents) + 4.0% of the amount as a transaction fee for each credit card refund.

All payments made through local currency payment systems will be refunded in the local currency according to the exchange rate set by the local currency. USDT refunds of less than $1,600 will incur an additional $40 fee in addition to applicable payment processing fees.



Buyer is financially responsible for all international shipping. AmericanAutoTransport handles all international sea shipments. AmericanAutoTransport is not responsible for any damage during delivery or delays in delivery. The buyer has the option to purchase marine insurance at an additional cost. In order for AmericanAutoTransport to arrange delivery, Buyer must first provide:

a) A completed consignee form;

b) Full payment;

All vehicles leaving North America may or may not be inspected by U.S. Customs at any time. If applicable U.S. customs laws change, AmericanAutoTransport reserves the right to shift any U.S. customs inspection fees to the purchaser.

Consolidated vehicles will be cleared by a predetermined clearance agent.

Buyers do not have the option of arranging sea shipping themselves.



Members acknowledge and agree that all local ground shipping of purchased vehicles will be handled exclusively by AmericanAutoTransport.



Members agree and acknowledge that AmericanAutoTransport is not and will not be responsible for any changes in laws and regulations occurring in the United States and Members agree to indemnify AmericanAutoTransport for any losses and/or damages resulting from changes in laws and regulations in the United States that may affect the transaction and/or service offered by AmericanAutoTransport.



Members agree and acknowledge that they will not use or reproduce any information on the AmericanAutoTransport website without the express written consent of AmericanAutoTransport. Members agree and acknowledge that use or reproduction of any material on the AmericanAutoTransport website without express written consent constitutes infringement of AmericanAutoTransport's intellectual property rights with respect to said content.